Richard Doroniuk gets only 11 Years



Judge Robert Gettleman   Sentence Former Chicago police officer about 11 years in the slammer on tuesday. His name is Richard Doroniuk , He was sentence for bribery,   racketeering ,and robbing Chicago drug dealers, and he pleaded guilty.  Shame Shame Shame !! Thank you judge Gettleman  for taking this Dirt-Ball ,and his buddies off the streets . I think he should have got more time like 20 to 30 years. See he was a legal drug dealer with a gun and a badge . See where i come from that’s  some powerful  shi* .  So you tell me, what’s the difference ?   We need more judges to understand the difference between, right and wrong. I’m a living witness there’s too many complaints here in Chicago ,THE BROKEN SYSTEM  . Last week  another  Ex Cop was sentenced about 3 years  in a federal court  for beating a 60 year old man that  was handcuff and shackled to a wheel chair on video

Chicago Ex Cops beat up man in wheel chair

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