If you want to be a millionaire start you own credit card and bank business ! Did you know that credit card Companies can increase your fees any time they feel like making more money ,this have been going on for  years, some people pay up to 21 percent in fees with in months , if you are late making one payment . I here people complain  all the time , I  can’t  get a new car or house because my credit is Jack up   (THEY OWE MONEY).   HEY WAKE UP PeOPLE ! Do you think the credit card companies , are in business to help you ?  NO NO NO !! if you don’t have the money Don’t Buy It. All your doing is getting into more debt . Just to name a few Citi Bank HSBC,Discover,Chase,Bank of America.  Even home owners with good credit  have to be careful nowadays. Mortgage companies are having big problems today . People are walking away from there loans and mortgages.  Now I here that banks  are reassessing your equity , line of credit and mortgages  with out giving you a notice , Well some give notices out . Now that the banks are losing money they want to take back their money they loaned you . (Example) if  your house was appraise for $300,000 two years ago  and now deemed  to $150,000  that means no more line -of- credit  . They  can reappraise your home from their office… WOW!!  LOL LOLOL that’s Bull shit !! get your own appraiser, if you think it’s worth the fight

If you believe their was  a mistake on your credit card call the company and try to negotiate the problem or just pay them off, and be done with it ! When you are dealing with some banks and credit card company They are only in business to drive customer deeper in to debt ,It doesn’t matter to them if your credit is A1

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