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On June 16 ,2009 . The City of Chicago union city workers receive layoff notices, informing them that a reduction in force is occurring in there department ,due to the lack of funds and collective Bargaining between the city of chicago and the Unions. Well it’s been 17 days and July 15, 2009 will be the deadline before  the mayor say bye bye . There are three unions out there Teamsters,Laborers and AFSCME that can save 1500 Jobs.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR !“SAVE JOBs SAVE JOBs”! The mayor announce early this year, that times are hard, wait until next year. The mayor always  say, we need more money we need more money. He say this ever year, I would take off to save jobs, what ever it takes. Next 2 years is going to be the same thing ,while  this mayor is in office. Please understand it’s a BROKEN SYSTEM here in Chicago.

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