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Chief Financial Officer Gene Saffold announced on 6-4-09 that the city of Chicago will send out layoff Notices next week to hundreds of city workers . The unions and city can’t agree on the 16 days off without pay and accept compensatory time instead of cash for overtime . I can, I’m fed up !! Next year is going to be the same thing, we need more money ! No problem get rid of those jobs that are not needed, and the people that don’t come to work, none professional so call tradesmen, and those political  a$$ holes that I work with. Is a shame how it works around here.



    Mayor Daley was supposed to be at a city council meeting today but had to reschedule because he came down with the flu. We’re thinking a certain family issue may have made him sick.

    The Mayor’s press secretary did make a citing today however when she announced the City Hall meeting originally scheduled for today would be postponed until tomorrow. With rumors of layoffs swirling, the mayor may be sick for a while longer. Once healthy, the mayor will be forced to meet with organized labor groups to convince them to take 16 days off without pay and comp time instead of cash overtime.

    With the state of the economy and the state of our city’s budget, 1,100 layoffs may be in the works pushing our already record unemployment higher.

    But according to press secretary Jacquelyn Herd:

    “It’s worth a try. It’s one last-ditch effort to find a resolution, so he doesn’t even have to cause people anxiety by sending out layoff notices,”


    The mayor may not be in the news much these days, but his nephew certainly is. Today Robert Vanecko quit the real estate firm he started and whose city pension business is now under federal investigation. City pension fund boards had agreed to invest $68 million in Vanecko’s company, DV Urban, which was also led by longtime Daley ally Allison Davis.

    According to an article by Fran Spielman in this morning’s Sun-Times, the tightly knit Daley family is not taking this well.

    “It’s a terrible situation. Everyone wishes this wasn’t going on. In hindsight, it looks bad. And it’s obvious this is gonna continue,” said one family member, who asked to remain anonymous.

    In “hindsight” it looks bad? If getting caught looks bad, then this is bad.

    The crazy part of the deal is that Davis and Vanecko are still guaranteed $8 million in management fees of which $2.7 million has been paid so far. They’re smart investments of the city’s money? So far they’ve invested pension funds in eight Chicago properties, but that portfolio has declined in value.

    When asked about the investigation last week the mayor simply replied, “That’s alright.”

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