Blame It (On The al al alalalalalalalcohol ) Anthony Abbate

 Judge John Fleming  let a Chicago off duty Police officer Anthony Abbate, Wait !! , let me get his name right !!  ( THE WOMAN BEATER ) walk with probation on Tuesday 23, 2009.  Anthony Abbate  beat,kick,punch a Chicago female bartender, Karolina Obrycka  in February of  2007 . You would think a police officer would know the differences between, right and wrong . First he goes  into  the bar area drunk . Then he start screaming,pushing,kicking, and throwing things around. Ms. Obrycka tried  to push the off duty officer out from behind the bar. His drunk ass Fell-down , now he’s feeling embarrass. So now he think it’s Ok  too beat the shit out of a 5-foot-3 125 pound woman . Keep in mind this guy is about 250 pounds. Oh! I’m sorry Mr. Abbate  you were defending your self.  Anthony (Woman Beater) Abbate . You are one stupid Punk ass Woman Beater. You  and your buddies should be sent to jail. I think is another example of the outrageous favoritism towards cops and officers and Cook County  Judges  

PLEASE  DO NOT REELECT  Cook County Judge John Fleming  .

Watch this poor man Try too defend him self.


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